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Paul Esther Consulting Limited is a leading Strategy Consulting Firm with expertise in Strategy, Human Capital, and Entrepreneurship Development.

We put our expertise to work for Organizations and individuals to actualize their vision, achieve their goals, and realize their true potentials.

Who We Are

Our team has a combined experience of more than 120 years and exposure in more than 8 countries within financial, manufacturing, educational, Public service sectors and SMEs. We retain a proactive foreign partnership with a leading global resource expert
in strategy execution, an emerging thought leader in the risk management and strategy execution space; and a change leadership consultant.

What We Do

We bring unique leadership skills, insights, program management expertise
and best practices from around the globe to client projects. We guide organizations with integrated expertise to navigate complexities with speed and clarity in order to deliver better, faster and more enduring outcomes.

How We Deliver

We work alongside our clients as a team with a common aspiration to achieve outstanding results, outperform the competition and redefine business dynamics in our core areas of operation. We utilize cutting edge assessments tools and methodology to understand enterprise current state, develop an actionable roadmap for future performance and walk the length with the client.

Our Engagement Model -


We start by creating a charter, raising critical enquiry, analyzing data, fitting for purpose, to transforming the enterprise process.

This February -

Driving Sales Success

  • Achieve greater sales and profits with existing resources.

  • Acquire knowledge, skills and develop the confidence to innovate in selling.
  • Decide on actions to upgrade sales performance management.

  • Develop a well-organized system of obtaining and retaining customers.
  • Core Areas of Expertise

    Strategy Development

    At PEC, we partner with our clients to create adaptive and innovative business development
    strategies that will transform their organizations in a way that matters most to them.

    Human Capacity Development

    PEC is a duly accredited Management Training Institute recognized by the Centre for
    Management Development (CMD) and the Industrial Training Fund (ITF).

    Entrepreneurship Development

    PEC help harness their superpowers in creating and growing business ideas, and we empower them to use appropriate tools and skills to deliver sustainable business results for long term success and survival of their enterprise.

    Services for Clients & Partners


    Our consulting service involves working with clients to identify the strategic and operational gaps with the provision of dynamic solutions based on global best practices.


    At Paul Esther, we recognize that People are an organization’s greatest asset. We develop instructor-led training, web-based training materials, video training programs and e-learning programs.


    Our Execution approach enables full implementation in order to realize organizational objectives. We believe in walking the length of the journey with our clients, partnering with them to execute, engaging in ongoing communication, Giving and obtaining feedback.

    Our Case Studies

    Acess our success stories working for Clients across different industries in areas such as human capacity development, strategy development, to sales and marketing.

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    Sales and Marketing

    We leverage marketing operating models to build a customer-centric sales...

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    Building Leadership Capacity in the Education, Financial & Manufacturing Sectors

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    Assisting organisations in the insurance and other industries to shape...

    Our Clients & Partners

    We take pride in our work which spans working with more than 50 Clients.

    We also have strategic global partnerships to extend our capabilities.

    Develop capacity with any of these leading programs
    for individuals and teams:

    Supervisory Leadership

    Leadership Coaching

    Personal Development Program

    Leading Innovation Initiative

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