As a strategy company, we believe in assisting clients to set strategic directions and improve business development capabilities such that they could develop, design, and deliver value-adding sales and marketing strategies in order to acquire, retain and multiply customers. In an environment where several companies are experiencing a decline in market share, we have developed and implemented a profitability sales improvement program for about 30 companies in the manufacturing, insurance, pharmaceutical, and educational sectors to boost their revenue-generating capacity through the effective use of competent and productive sales force.

As part of our interventions, we leveraged our PEC marketing operating models to build an analytical driven and customer-centric sales organization. We conducted a marketing effectiveness program; and taught clients to use our now famous sales strategy canvas, that helps clients to determine how customers can be acquired, retained and multiplied. This was developed using personalized workable marketing techniques for improved sales performance.

Our clients were able to develop innovative products, build customer-relationship loyalty programs and increase market base. They were able to ride the complexities and intricacies of the market to create new customer value and develop multiple channels for sales and delivery of their products for greater revenue growth.